-- by Peter Carli -- posted October 28th, 2014
Contact email addresses updated January 3rd, 2015 --

Peter Carli DBA Radiation Room is accepting musician demos thru July 1st, 2015. This is an in-house survey and is not a prescreen for a 3rd party.

Solicited materials only - you will need to receive an email or other written confirmation from me before sending in your work - explained below.

  • NOTE: DO NOT SEND MONEY. There is no fee, bribe, payola, or other cash transaction required to get me to check out your demo. Especially if you prove to be Music God or an interstellar creative deity or maybe Robert Fripp....

While I will consider music of any genre for artist development, production and/or management, musicians who perform the following are highly encouraged to send in a BluRay, DVD or VHS of their live show, along with their press kit, tear sheets and other relevent materials. If you have a studio CD, please include a copy of it as well.

  • "Modern Pop" solo artists and groups similar to the styles of Bruno Mars, P!nk, Alex Clare, Taylor Swift, Lorde, Lana Del Ray, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Robin Thicke. Since "Pop" can mean almost anything in this day and age one must be unique as well as accessible to gain traction in this genre.

    • "Neo Soul" solo artists and groups similar to the styles of John Legend, Mayer Hawthorne, The Roots, Erykah Badu, Donny Hathaway, Jill Scott, Maxwell, Pharrell Williams.

    • "Modern Country" solo artists and groups in the styles of Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Florida/Georgia Line, Miranda Lambert, Dixie Chicks, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Allison Krauss, George Strait.Since "Country" can mean almost anything in this day and age one must be unique as well as accessible to gain traction in this genre.

    • "Adult Album Alternative" and "Modern Rock" solo artists and groups similar to the styles of Beck, Grace Potter, Sarah Bareilles, Florence and The Machine, The Killers, Melissa Etheridge, The Fixx, Coldplay.

    • "Vocal oriented Dance/House/Techno" solo artists and groups similar to the styles of Swedish House Mafia, Daft Punk, Ultra Nate, Frankie Knuckles, DJ Kaskade, Modjo, Kristine W, David Guetta.

    • "Jazz" solo artists and groups, vocal or instrumental. - Since "Jazz" covers a wide array of musical styles and subgenres this category includes most everything ranging from early Miles Davis, Be-Bop and Dixieland to Kenny G styled Pop-Jazz, Acid Jazz in the styles of Euge Groove and Ronny Jordan to "Big Band Heavy Metal" such as the Brian Setzer Orchestra. Style not as important as substance so just be incredible and let me figure out the rest!

    While I do have stylistic preferences substance and quality rule the day so be your best!

    1. BE AMAZING!!! If you expect me to assist you in your quest to rule the world you need to make me your number one fan! Being able to perform in front of others and communicate with the audience is everything! Quality counts!

    2. Read and reread the article, "So You Want To Be A Star.... Now Really?" and re-read it again and seriously ask yourself if you have what it takes to be the next Robin Thicke, P!nk, Jennifer Hudson or Neil Diamond. Please understand that I am dead serious about making my living making music and you need to be just as serious! Those who put in the effort have the best shot at success and those who slack off can go jump in the river IMNSHO. So only those who are willing to work need apply otherwise don't waste your time or my time!

    3. Make a video of you and/or your band/act performing cover versions of three songs of your choice. While footage of you in front of an audience is preferred, video of a rehearsal is acceptable. It is best to pick songs that are well known within the genre/style of music you perform, or alternately you may pick a classic song from a different genre/style and add your own "twist" to it. Since the ability to perform live and "put on a show" is Priority Number One, original song demos will only be accepted from previously screened acts who I request additional material from.

    4. Make a DVD (preferred), BluRay or VHS copy of your demo footage - three songs minimum. Make sure your band/act name, your name, telephone number, and email address are affixed/labeled clearly and directly on your video disk or tape. Jewel boxes and tape cases can and sometimes do get lost, and there is nothing more frustrating than having a killer demo and not knowing who it belongs to. Make sure that you send a copy and not the original of your video since I do not return demos.

      • NOTE: I do not accept demos on USB sticks or digital media cards. Yeah, stick memory is k3wl but honestly with all the computer virii going around I'm not going to risk giving my network a case of the W32.klez by inserting unknown media into it. I do not accept demos via email or FTP at this time for the same reason. Sorry....

    5. You will also need to include information about your act/group. What kind of music you perform and the area of the country you perform in. Your act's bio, newspaper tear sheets, printouts of internet commentary, and photos of you and your members, both head shots and gig pix are helpful. If you have a studio CD, please include it with your video demo along with your press kit, tear sheets and other relavent materials.

    6. When you have all of your materials together, shoot me an email at

    7. You will receive a confirmation email reply with further instructions. DO NOT SEND ANYTHING WITHOUT A CONFIRMATION EMAIL PRINTOUT! Demos received without prior contact will be thrown out. Sorry....

    When you snail-mail your demo, it is best for you to "wrap it like a Burrito". Make sure you include a printout of the confirmation email and lay the printout face down. Place the band bio, pix, tear sheets and other material on top of the printout in the same fashion and place your DVD or videotape at the top of the stack. Then roll it up! The confirmation email printout should end up on the outside, plainly visible. Then I will know exactly who you are when opening it. Those of you who have watched someone screen demos know just how many hundreds of envelopes, press kits, and tapes/DVDs can pile up in short order. All of these little rules help me get to your work quickly give your demo a more thorough review.

    You will be notified by email or telephone call if you blow my socks off. No SASE needed. Yes it's that easy!

    QUESTION: "Why don't you go out and scout bars for undiscovered musicians?" ANSWER: On a given night there are thousands of places hosting live music with thousands of musicians playing at the same time spread across the United States. How am I supposed to know which are worth my time without knowing something about them first? Translation: If your demo makes me say "WOW", I'll gladly check out your show. (Just make sure my name is on the guest list - Thank You!)

    At this time I am accepting demos from The United States of America only and will give preferential treatment to submissions from acts in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Ohio, New York, and the New England States.

    • Disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years of age or have written permission from a parent or guardian to participate in this screening.

    • Disclaimer: There are no guarantees, warranties or promises of any kind being made as part of this solicitation.

    • Disclaimer: All materials sent for review become property of Peter Carli and Radiation Room.

    • Disclaimer: This solicitation is governed by the laws of the United States of America, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    • DO NOT SEND MONEY! There is no fee to get me to review your demo! I HATE SONG SHARKS and refuse to play that game! - Click the link here to find out why.

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